Sylvia Becker-Hill, founder of Women’s Empowerment School, a women’s leadership empowerment company, is also known as “The Lady with the Brain” teaching neuroscience application for dream manifestation and leadership evolution.

Sylvia is an award-winning entrepreneur, pioneer of the international coaching industry and a corporate change management expert. She was the first German coach to become certified as a Professional Certified Coach in 2002 and was the president of the ICF Germany in 2006. In 2007 Sylvia was the first non-American to be on the board of ICF Michigan shaping this young profession as a pioneer with new concepts and powerful techniques.

As a former manager at German Telecom, her Fortune 500 clients range from automotive, pharmaceutical and banking, to transportation, manufacturing to consulting. Sylvia helps clients by facilitating big post-merger integration processes, then focused a few years on change management training, team-building and conflict resolution. She has now moved into offering diversity and inclusion programs plus female high-potential focused empowerment and leadership programs to ensure her corporate clients meet the challenges of the third millennium successfully!

Being a women-preneur for 20 years she has reinvented herself several times successfully while moving around the world. Her latest international Amazon book bestseller is: “Instant Insights on 12 Leadership Powers for Successful Women”.

She is currently writing a book series on leadership with the working titles:UNCAGED. How a healthy relationship with their ego is women’s foundation to lead.UNLEASHED. How understanding and liberating themselves from their past sets women free to lead.UNASHAMED. How a confident and empowered relationship to money and sexuality gives women the energy to lead.UNSTOPPABLE. How knowing their life’s purpose and surrendering to their spirit ignites women’s true power to lead.

Sylvia was one of the first to give a SUE Talk in 2015, and travels the world to give keynotes about diversity and inclusion and how to apply neuroscience to become better leaders.

With a Master’s degree in philosophy and linguistics specializing in gender studies, plus thousands of hours of coaching female executives and female business owners she provides professional women with the empowerment and tools to ‘have and be it all’ without sacrificing their health, themselves or their love life.

Sylvia donates time and expertise to women empowering non-profits, e.g. as a board member of the UN Association Chapter San Diego with focus on gender equality and as a delegate to the UN at the CSW, as a board member of Women4Change Coaching Community, and as a monthly workshop facilitator at the Women’s Museum of California.

Her multiple efforts and results in empowering women made her three times award finalist in the category “Women’s Advocate of the Year” from Connected Women of Influence and the National Association of Women Business Owners Chapter San Diego.

Sylvia Becker-Hill’s life purpose is to foster true partnership between men and women. Her company Über Women International Inc.’s mission is to raise the number of female leaders in all sections of society, economy and government by 30% in the next 30 years globally. Given the current numbers that would bring us to 50:50 parity with men which would be the end of the current dying patriarchy and the manifestation of “Equalia”, a world in which women are not any longer second status rather join men in true partnership shaping the world to be a humane one which works for everyone.

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