Debra Lindegren has studied and worked in the field of personal and professional development for over 35 years.

Following several years in Sales for Fortune 500 companies, Debra pursued advanced training in professional speaking, designing presentations, coaching, training and facilitation. In 2001 she founded her training company Authentically Speaking™ as a vehicle for entrepreneurs and executives to master the art of authentic self-expression when giving presentations to both small and large audiences.

She believes that pretense is the killer of all presentations, and that to truly be dynamic and effective on stage one must first and foremost be authentic, i.e., true to one’s passions and core beliefs, possessing both humility and strength of character.

To that end Debra has customized individual and group training programs to a wide spectrum of clients, including Fortune 500 companies, universities, associations, authors, entrepreneurs and professional speakers presenting to international audiences. She urges and trains her clients to deliver presentations “that even their grandmother could understand,” yet without abandoning the professionalism their audience deserves. Debra is particular passionate about working with change-makers and transformational leaders.

A worldwide traveler, Debra has been inspired by the beliefs and practices of many cultural and spiritual traditions and brings a depth of understanding garnered from these experiences—from the business world to the third-world.

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